Kurzfilm - 7:49min 2018

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH


Director/Design: Sofiia Melnyk

Script: Janosch Kosack

Music: Steffen Brinkmann, DakhaBrakha Band

Sounddesign: Johanna Roth

Animation: Nora Back, Janina Putzker, Sion Kim, Tena Galovic, Lukas von Berg, NIan Prange, Sofiia Melnyk

Animation-/ VFX-Producing: Helge Forler

Narrator/Voice Actor: Vladislav Grakovskiy, Kemal Zeriat, Marc Ivanir

Release: Januar 2018

The steppes between the Black and Caspian Sea, 11th century A.D, were home to the people of Khazar. The bordering states live in fear of them, because the Khazars don’t believe in any of the world religions, but follow their priestess, who guides them using strange rituals and dream interpretation. Additionally their neighbors envy their thriving trade. But as calamities strike the Khazars, their king promises to pledge allegiance to the first religion, which is able to interpret his newest dream the right way. The states send missionaries to them and in the end all claim to have converted the pagan people. However it’s only historically confirmed that the Khazars abandoned their faith and their civilization vanished almost without a trace.